Downtowners have the edge in Toronto’s threadbare transit system, with their proximity to the subway horseshoe and an average of 34 TTC stops per square kilometre. The more you stray from the core, the harder it is to find a reliable stop: far-flung ’hoods like Rouge, West Hill and Morningside have fewer than 10 TTC stops per square kilometre, and each route is packed like a pickle jar.

The best neighbourhoods for public transit are

North St. James Town,

with 37.5 streetcar and bus stops per square kilometre


with 30 streetcar and bus stops per square kilometre

Regent Park,

with 35 streetcar and bus stops per square kilometre

Church-Yonge Corridor,

with 44 streetcar and bus stops per square kilometre

The most reliable bus route in the city is
8 Broadview


(Punctuality rate)

The least reliable bus routes in the city are

The busiest bus routes in the city are

East vs. West

The average east-end ’hood has 73 stops, versus 65 in the west. Per area it shakes out evenly, with an average of 16 and 17 stops respectively per square kilometre.

Downtown vs. Suburbs

The average downtown and North York ’hoods both have 54 TTC stops overall. Downtown averages 34 stops per square kilometre, versus 15 up north.

These people live in transit wastelands

We asked local residents to describe their commutes

Adele Rowe, Rouge

Starts at: Meadowvale and Generation Road
Ends at: Victoria Park and McNicholl
“I ride three buses to work. It can take an hour and 15 minutes, but that doubles during the school year.”

Yeabsira Gebre-Michael, West Hill

Starts at: Morningside and Coronation Drive
Ends at: Church and Gerrard
“I take two buses to Kennedy, then the subway to Yonge. It takes about an hour.”

Rada Mlajden, Eringate

Starts at: Rathburn and The West Mall
Ends at: Eglinton and Royal York
“I travel about 40 minutes each way on two buses. I used to take Brampton and Mississauga transit. TTC is by far the worst.”

Senait Sebhatu, West Humber-Clairville

Starts at: Martin Grove and Eglinton
Ends at: Islington and Rexdale
“I have to take two buses to pick up my daughter at daycare. It takes about an hour and a half.”

Danny Lau, Downsview

Starts at: Yonge and Elgin Mills
Ends at: Dundas and Jarvis
“I have to take the bus to Finch station, and then the subway all the way down. It’s about an hour each way.”

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