TO Do Sales

2 WEEKS (consecutive) $850

A listing on the TOdo page featuring your logo, business name, web URL, Big Box ad unit, and up to 50 words of event copy.
A sidebar widget placement in the Culture pillar featuring your logo, web URL, and up to 5 words of event title.
1 Banner Ad insertion in Toronto Life newsletter deployments
Please ask for available dates, and provide Big Box ad unit – to allow us best flexibility in scheduling.
1 shared email to 3rd party opt-in 10,000 database.
– The TOdo Program will also be promoted on, and, with similar assets.

Please contact our sales rep today to book.

Specs (please provide):
  • Banner Ad (Big Box, 300x250px)
  • Banner Ad (600x100px)
  • Business/Event Logo (90x45px)
  • Thumbnail (100×100, for sidebar placement) – all images should be static, no animations will be accepted
  • Working URL (of your event/venue)
  • Up to 5 words headline/title
  • Up to 50 words of description/copy of your event/venue
  • $50 for ad Creative design if needed


Sidebar widget example