Entrepreneurship and Technology: The $100-Million Idea

On October 21, Toronto Life In Conversation welcomed more than 200 guests to MaRS Discovery District for an evening called Technology and Entrepreneurship: The $100-Million Idea. Nora Young, host and creator of CBC Radio’s Spark with Nora Young and Salim Teja, EVP Ventures for MaRS, hosted two panel discussions about building successful startups with some of Toronto’s digital superstars: Mark Ruddock of Wonga Group; Jim Orlando, managing director of OMERS Venutres; Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO; Marcus Daniels, CEO of Highline; David Stein, vice president of Salesforce.com; Alexander Peh of PayPal Canada, Erin Green of Etsy Canada; and Ian Black of Uber Toronto.

See event gallery below.

Mars Start Up Canada


Nora Young


Marcus Daniels Jim Orlando Mark Ruddock Vicki Saunders David Stein


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