Toronto Fashion Week: an ode to ‘90s grunge at Chloé Comme Parris fall 2013

Toronto Fashion Week: an ode to ‘90s grunge at Chloé Comme Parris fall 2013

Toronto Fashion Week runs from March 18-22, in a large—and stylishly appointed—tent at David Pecaut Square. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. Here’s what trendsetters will be wearing in fall 2013.

Chloé Comme Parris, by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon

After going rogue with their show last season, the Toronto-based sister duo brought their artsy, downtown aesthetic back to the tents at Toronto Fashion Week.

The show had a decidedly rock-and-roll vibe right down to the amps placed on the runway, which one poor guest stumbled on on the way out. We spotted shop owner Jaclyn Genovese and jewellery designer Jaime Sin in the crowd, as well as Fashion Week fixtures Jeanne Beker and Robin Kay (who snuck into her seat after several models had already walked the catwalk). The show likely won the award for best swag of the week—front row guests were all greeted with Kobo e-readers on their seats.

An ode to the mid-‘90s, the show was awash in nostalgic nods, including a soundtrack heavy on the Nirvana and Beck. Piercing-like clasps  held together leather and velvet dresses slashed diagonally down the chest, short skirts were paired with thigh-high stockings, and spaghetti straps dangled precariously off models’ shoulders. Even more Cobain-like: a long cardigan with a tear at the elbow and the shirts tied around the models’ waists.

This homage to grunge still had several pieces that work today: a dark olive trench that looked like an updated army jacket and a grey wool minidress were among our favourites.