A shorts suit worthy of a rock star and camo everything at Klaxon Howl spring/summer 2013

A shorts suit worthy of a rock star and camo everything at Klaxon Howl spring/summer 2013

Every year during Rogue Fashion Week, emerging talents and established designers alike opt out of the Toronto Fashion Week melee to show their collections in the days leading up to the official event instead. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. It’s time to forget about the chilly weather and imagine what life (or at least fashion) will be like in spring/summer 2013.

Klaxon Howl, designed and owned by Matt Robinson

Klaxon Howl started as a retail shop in 2005 and is now one of the few menswear shows at Fashion Week, offering variations on the men’s work wear aesthetic that has surged in popularity in recent years.

Not much was happening at the 4 p.m. showing at the Burroughes Building on Queen West (it seems even bloggers, socialites and fashion media types have day jobs to attend to), but we did spot Vintage 69 owner Kealan Sullivan checking out the wares and one of Toronto’s newest it-boys, Jano Badovinac, walking the show.

Suiting featured heavily, with a three-piece charcoal grey number with shorts (perfect for that Angus Young look), a black version with wider lapels than seasons past and our favourite, an olive green suit that bared the ankles. Camo print, one of the hottest trends for dudes right now, was also on display in shorts, jackets, pants, bucket hats and even a full suit. Robinson’s take on denim fits is boxier than most contemporary styles and best saved for the tallest, skinniest guys.

The olive green suit was perfectly styled with an untucked plaid shirt, for a look that could go from the office to 416 Snack Bar with ease. Robinson’s pullover shirts with buttons halfway up the front looked great in salmon and a chambray fabric. We also loved the camo shirt-cum-jacket that would be perfect for layering on top of a crewneck sweater or underneath a vintage army coat.