Isn’t it time we all put a little love in our homes?

Isn’t it time we all put a little love in our homes?

I can still remember the day I walked into my home and it just didn’t feel current anymore. That’s the day I realized that homes, like fashion, don’t remain in style. They need a little love once in a while, just like your wardrobe. The day I decided to take charge and renovate my home began one of the most creative times of my life. If you are (or were) like me, we’re all so busy living in our homes we don’t often take time to think about how it can express our sense of style.

Knowing all I know now, I adore the way Georgian Renovations looks at it. They say to, “put a little love in your home”. If you put that love in, imagine what you get back. Every day you get to come home to somewhere that really reflects who you are and the way you want to live.

Sometimes it’s not just style that changes. As families grow – or just become more active – we seem to outgrow the places where we live. Nowadays, people are less inclined to move. That’s because they know that they can take the space they own and have it transformed in both style and function – a Georgian Renovations specialty.

As time goes on, I find that people become more in tune with fashion and design. We’re around it as a culture so much more. And we want to share in the feeling of great design. Many home renovations now include wonderful new spaces like basement bars, wine cellars or tasting nooks. Do you have a hobby? Or would you like to have a special space to get together with friends? Talk to Georgian. They’ll open your eyes to some inventive new thinking.

They may also surprise you with some original ideas in materials you may not have considered. Stairways, for instance, are often the first thing you see when you walk into a home. They’re an often-overlooked focal point. Removing carpeting and exposing the hardwood could create a unified theme that literally runs through your home. Replacing the traditional wooden spindles with some elegant wrought iron will easily elevate your elegance quotient. And have you ever considered redoing walls? Georgian can show you examples of some fine wood panels, glass, and veneers that act as works-of-art to create breathtaking effects in living rooms or great rooms. Porcelain is becoming ubiquitous as an exotic wall finishing – especially as its water resistance means it can be used anywhere from bathrooms to mud rooms to laundries.

Even the little things are big things to Georgian Renovations. In fact, they’re known for the level of detail they deliver on every assignment. Even before design starts, Georgian will come to your home for a thorough evaluation. They’ll assess every nook and cranny in almost microscopic detail to ensure that their designers and builders won’t see any unwelcome surprises. When you collaborate on designs, Georgian will offer you 3D renderings. Which means you won’t have to interpret blueprints. You’ll know for sure that it’s really your vision that will soon come to life.

Georgian Renovations is well known as a friendly and respectful group of people to work with. Perhaps that’s part of being a family owned and operated company, and having serviced families in new home construction for five decades. Still, it’s refreshing to know they’ll handle every aspect from storing your furniture to obtaining municipal building permits. Not only that but they’re incredibly thorough about tidying up when the work is done. They even suction out your ductwork to capture any stray speck of dust.

And they’ll do everything cheerfully, with big smiles and a willingness to explain what’s happening, or what is about to happen, at any stage.

Georgian Renovations has been around for 50 years, so they’ve really seen it all. Along with their impressive 5-year warranty, they also offer a fixed-price guarantee.

At the end, you’ll find Georgian is as proud of their work as any fashion designer would be, because both create style that we love. When the work is done, they even stage your new space for photos and a video recording. Who doesn’t want a home that’s worthy of a magazine photo spread?

From $100,000 renovations to custom-build estate homes, Georgian Renovations has created some of Toronto’s most beautiful homes. So, if you’re thinking about a renovation, a home addition, or a new custom home, you’re invited to contact Georgian for a complimentary consultation at