Oral-B’s New High-Tech Toothbrush is the Ultimate Holiday Gift for your Oral Health–Obsessed Pals

Oral-B’s New High-Tech Toothbrush is the Ultimate Holiday Gift for your Oral Health–Obsessed Pals

 Most dentists agree that the most effective route to a dazzling smile is investing in a decent electric toothbrush—especially right now, as the technology is better than ever. The most innovative one on the market at the moment is Oral-B’s new Genius X, which actually uses artificial intelligence to help you brush your teeth as thoroughly as possible. It’s basically the Tesla of holiday gifts for any friends and family who obsess over their pearly whites.

Oral-B has always been a pioneer in toothbrush technology, and their OG electric brushes are still the gold standard of oral health (we guarantee you’ll find one on the bathroom sink of anyone whose smile you admire). But their latest design goes above and beyond: designed with dental professionals, the toothbrush uses innovative AI technology to actually coach users on their brushing style and habits. Inside the sleek shape are a whole bunch of sensors (the kind you’d find in your Apple watch, for instance) that use data from thousands of human brushing behaviours to track your own personal patterns and offer customized feedback.

How, exactly, does it provide feedback? Well, there are a few ways. But mostly it works through the Oral-B app. Once you pair your smartphone to your toothbrush, you can start brushing and watch real-time feedback on your screen. The app shows a diagram of your mouth, and after you’ve devoted enough time to each section, the area will turn white, telling you it’s okay to move on. After, it provides comprehensive brushing scores and lets you log your daily care routine (i.e.: if you flossed, or brushed your tongue). The brush also alerts you when you’re using too much pressure, and vibrates every 30 seconds to help you keep track of your timing. The end result lets you be confident you’re brushing for the right amount of time, at the perfect pressure in the most important areas of your mouth. What’s even better is if you’re in a rush or forget to sync your brush to the app, don’t worry – the next time you do sync you’ll be able to see the results from when you forgot! Overall, the technological advances make it an ideal gift for anyone who loves analyzing data and nerding out over a squeaky-clean mouth. And if you have pint-sized people to buy for this holiday season, the toothbrush can be synced to the Oral-B Funzone and Disney Magic-Timer apps to help make the experience as playful as possible.

In addition to the high-tech aspect, the Genius X makes a great gift for a few other reasons. First, it just launched in September 2019, so the chances that your recipient already snapped it up are slim. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be an upgrade on what they already own. It also comes with six brushing settings, for even more personalization. Depending on how your teeth are feeling, you can choose between Daily Clean, ProClean, Sensitive, 3D White, Gum Care and Tongue Clean. It comes in trendy colours, too: in addition to classic white and black, there’s also sakura pink, orchid purple and—our personal favourite—a sleek anthracite grey that will blend in seamlessly with any stainless-steel bathroom appliances. It also comes with a cool travel case that can charge both the brush and your smartphone at the same time.

Of course, the aesthetics are just the icing on the cake. What truly makes this gift one of a kind is the revolutionary technology. Plus, fancy toothbrushes aren’t necessarily something people always think to invest in for themselves—even though they are one of the rare tools in your home that you use twice a day, without fail. After using the Genius X for a few days, we guarantee your pals won’t know what they did before you gave it to them. It’s a gift that shows you care about your loved one’s well being—and their awesome smile. In order to personally vouch for it, we totally understand if you need to bribe Santa to put one in your stocking, too.

Oral-B Genius X is the ultimate gift for loved ones during the holiday season. Make the most of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to snag your own at Amazon.ca, Walmart.ca and Shoppersdrugmart.ca while you can!