Street Style: Toronto Blue Jays fans

Street Style: Toronto Blue Jays fans

The odds may be against the Jays right now, but fans aren’t giving up hope just yet. At last night’s must-win game, Torontonians cheered on their team by dressing up in their boldest blue and white—whether it was a painstakingly crafted tutu, vintage tracksuit from Value Village or a lucky tuque (in 30-degree heat). Here, some of our favourite over-the-top outfits from devoted Jays supporters.

Rob Ricci

29, Mechanic
“I’ve worn this outfit to a few games, and when I wear it, they’ve always won. I don’t care how hot it is today, this is my lucky look.”


Lisa Ferber

36, Teacher
“This look has a 7-1 record so far. I do a lot of crafting, and made these shoes before the last game.”


Sean Codhlin

33, Arborist
“This suit is a Value Village find I bought years ago. It was $10, and I haven’t worn it until now.”


Christy Racho

35, Hospital administrator
“I dress like this because it’s fun. This outfit gets more over-the-top every time I wear it to a game.”


Jeremy Burns

25, Enterprise manager
“I wear this Joe Carter World Series jersey to every game—my parents claim my first sentence was “Go Joe Go.” My girlfriend won these socks for me.”


Ben Kungl

40, Refrigerator technician
“My wife got me this shirt when we scored playoff tickets. This glove used to be my dad’s. I always bring it in case I need to catch a foul ball.”


Lucia Continelli

Mom: “Her brother stayed at home so she could come to this game. She loves sports. It’s her fourth game this year.”


Martine Grenon

23, Student
“This jacket used to belong to my eight-year-old brother, which is why the sleeves are pretty short.”


Carmen Stolk

25, Bartender
“I bought this hat last season. It was one of the only ones left so I was pretty stoked.”


Anthony Napolitano

44, Mechanic
“I’m repping the Jays hard but also have some hockey pride going on with my shoes, which are made from ice skates.”


Devon Williams

25, Steel manufacturer
“I’m a die-hard fan. This is all stuff I’ve collected over the years. Teams have come back from a losing streak like this before.”