Street Style: Friday Night Live at the ROM

Street Style: Friday Night Live at the ROM

On Friday, hundreds of sartorially minded partiers gathered at the ROM for a fashion-focused edition of Friday Night Live, the weekly summer event that transforms the museum into a pseudo-nightclub. The event featured DJs, dance floors, local food vendors and more than a few stacked bars—attendees grooved to tunes while ogling prehistoric dinosaur bones and crystals. Friday’s guest list was as diverse as the relics on display: we spotted students, architects and designers all dressed to impress in their museum-party best. Here, our 19 favourite looks.

Agatha Bieniek

28, Designer
“I’m very ’70s today. I designed and made this jumper.”


Kadeem Griffiths

24, Communications advisor
“I guess with the cape and glasses I’m going for a hipster-chic look, like I just came from Coachella.”


Sophie St. Jean

20, Student
“I came for a dance party, so I’m dressed sassy and fiery.”


Peter Ha

27, Graphic designer
“My friend made this shirt for me. She was studying costume design for films.”


Naz Ahmed

22, Student
“My look is very punk-meets-rustic.”


Marco Cortez

31, Social media manager
“I just wanted a reason to wear this Margiela coat—where else would I be able to wear such an oversized topper? At this party, you can be a little more out of the box.”


Alex Jetski

30, Architect
“I’m an architect, so I usually wear black jeans with a black turtleneck, but tonight I pulled apart my entire closet trying to find something with colour.”


Harpreet Sandhu

23, Student
“My style is non-binary.”


Anne Fard

23, Student
“My look tonight is fun and springy. And I guess a little eccentric, too—not like everyone else.”


Burger Kim

28, Visual merchandiser
“I don’t really go for any particular style.”


Matin Mithras

25, Student
“Most of my outfit is from Zara. I like to dress simply: not too many patterns or textures. I prefer neutrals to saturated colours. That said, I always like to add a little eye candy. Today, it’s my plaid pants.”


Elena Monterreal

24, Sales associate
“I prefer to wear dark colours.”


Meaghan Elizabeth

28, Writer
“I wanted to wear something comfortable, since I’ve been out all day. It’s so nice out—I’m happy I can wear something like this and look cute.”


Ingrid Backer

26, Student
“I’m all about the glittery party dress tonight.”


Lundon Clark

33, Sales associate
“I’m not a fashion person—but I do like bright colours.”


Siham Mo

29, Operations manager
“My look is comfortable, slightly creative and culturally infused.”


Warren Sit

26, Analyst
“I just really wanted to wear shorts and a blazer tonight. Also, I love Curious George—he’s on my bowtie.”


Alicia Menzies

30, Marketing coordinator
“My look is kinda big and shaggy tonight. I bought this vest a while ago and never thought I’d wear it.”


Natasha Gray

24, Nurse
“I love this classic little black dress—it can be worn anywhere.”


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