Street Style: King West

Street Style: King West

King West in the summertime is in perpetual party mode, with patio-hoppers flooding the neighbourhood and local employees taking advantage of summer hours (or playing hooky). Come 5 p.m., workers transition almost immediately from crisp business attire to carefree outfits that can easily take them straight to the park (or nearest bar). Here, a collection of the coolest looks spotted near King and Spadina on a Thursday afternoon, from chic crop tops to torn-up denim.

Mallika Viegas

27, Editor
“I like having unique pieces made in places I travel to. My shirt was made in India and these shoes were made in Costa Rica. My necklace is from Easy Tiger on Dundas. I’m obsessed with their jewellery.”


Lynn Jiang

26, Accountant
“My brother bought this dress for me in Japan.”


Sim Gray

19, Barista
“I distressed these pants myself. I used a razor blade on the knee and pockets. I think they turned out okay.”


Danielle Stringer

26, Account manager
“I like to be casual with a bit of flare. I’m loving the off-the-shoulder look these days.”


Ugbad Warsame

22, Support worker
“My style is a mix of street and retro. I love Adidas because I’m a big Stormzy fan.”


Kelsea Knowles

27, Executive assistant
“My style is confused. I never know what to wear in the summer, so my outfits are always different. This skirt is from Value Village.”


Sabrina Giacometti

33, Interior designer
“I try to look polished every day because you never know who you’re going to run into.”


Carlena de Guzman

19, Student
“My look consists mainly of throwback pieces from the ’90s. Most of my outfits are thrifted.”


Polina Snitkova

21, Bartender
“There are actually 13 wolves on my shirt. Can you find them? The 13th is kinda sketchy.”


Heather Wonder

29, Office lead
“I’m dressed like I’m going to a retro-chic summer picnic.”


Antonio Cash

26, Customer service rep
“I like to go with the flow. This necklace was a birthday gift—from myself.”


Alanna Cardona

27, Video producer
“I have five friends whose style I try and emulate. Today I’m dressed like Madeline.”


Kwame Hills

33, Studio manager
“My look is comfortable but still edgy—hopefully! That’s what I’m going for.”


Caitlin Gladney-Hatcher

26, Campaign manager
“I wanted to wear something bright today. This dress is from Winners. I bought these Salt Water Sandals years ago and they’re still a summer staple.”


Christina Ma

23, Ministry of Health employee
“My style is functional and decently minimal. The necklace is from a Montreal designer.”


Marc Anthony

17, Clothing designer
“I wear a bit of everything, but today is all vintage.”


Neil Singson

38, Consultant
“I have to be very formal at work, but I’d be much more comfortable in a tank and shorts in this weather.”