Street Style: Alexandra Park outdoor pool

Street Style: Alexandra Park outdoor pool

Late last week, Toronto experienced a seriously oppressive heat wave. As temperatures rose into the high 30s, residents looked for creative ways to cool off, from imbibing frozen treats and iced drinks to blasting the A.C. and, of course, hitting the pool. We stopped by the Alexandra Park outdoor pool at Dundas and Bathurst to see how Torontonians were handling the humidity, both mentally and sartorially.

Danielle Aroney

24, Writer
“My look is OshKosh B’Gosh meets OMG-it’s-so-hot-out.”

David Dennis

24, Set designer
“It’s my first day off in a while and I couldn’t wait to hit the pool. This is the best pool in the city.”

Diana Etherington

26, Market director
“My Nalgene is currently one of my best friends.”

Marko Yovanovich

27, Restaurateur
“I broke up with someone this morning, so my icy heart is keeping me cool.”

Najma Eno

25, Student
“My dad’s from Somalia. He bought me this hat when he was in Amsterdam, just thinking it was a pretty pink hat.”

Amanda Starkell

26, Hairdresser
“I don’t do well in this heat. I’m melting.”

Sharon Lee

28, Teacher
“I don’t sweat a lot, so I love this weather.”

Karen Kantarovich

23, Research coordinator
“I’m doing anything to keep cool. Right now this Booster Juice is helping.”

Mitzi Ramirez

35, Front desk employee
“I’m loving the heat. We’ll all be hibernating soon so I’m trying to enjoy it.”

Alice Nizel

19, Student
“The lighter the clothing, the better.”

Lorena Marchenin

26, Java developer
“Right now my style is as easy as possible because it’s fucking hot.”

Marjan Rafiee

29, Researcher
“I’m not keeping cool at all. I’m on the hunt for something to keep my hair up.”