Reasons to Love Toronto 2012

Reasons to Love Toronto 2012
Reasons to Love Toronto 2012

We’ll look back at 2012 as the year Toronto became the most envied city in the world. If our banks and politicians weren’t paragons of dullness, we wouldn’t have sidestepped the economic turmoil so elegantly and, lo and behold, emerged with rows of new condos and five-star hotels, a seemingly impenetrable housing market (touch wood) and so many great places to eat. We’re worshipped by the suits at Davos and we’re the place where professionals dream of being transferred. That giddy feeling in the air is the euphoria of great expectations. We’d better get used to it.


No. 1
Boom times
are back »
No. 2
We’re pumped
for gold »
No. 4
Principle finally trumped ideology at City Hall »
No. 5
21 new businesses opened on Roncesvalles »

No. 9
Patrick Chan is a winning machine »
No. 10
The city is safer than ever »

No. 11
We get
along »
No. 12
Fancy food
is back »
No. 13
a national
park in the
middle of
Scarborough »
No. 14
beauty in
this beast »

No. 18
General is
hospital food »
No. 18
We’re stem
cell pioneers »
No. 19
The bubble
won’t pop »
No. 20
We have
magicians for
bartenders »

No. 21
CAMH is Queen
West’s hottest
address »
No. 23
The Market
just got more
chaotic »
No. 24
Our favourite
library is
stacked »
No. 25
Rob Ford isn’t
so bad for the
arts after all »

No. 27
night owls »
No. 28
Check out
this killer
view »
No. 29
We inspired a
movement »