How a married, entrepreneurial couple live in under 500 square feet

How a married, entrepreneurial couple live in under 500 square feet

Kyle Freeman, 44, and his husband, Vince, 33

Owners of VIP Sitters Pet and House Care, and

Where: Bay and College
How big: 490 Square feet
How much: $376,000

A decade ago, Kyle and Vince were growing weary of suburban life. So they sold their sprawling Vaughan home to move into a 745-square-foot one-bedroom in Pantages Tower. They figured the downtown pad would be a good investment—plus, all their clients and favourite restaurants were in the city.

In 2011, they decided to go one size smaller. They put a deposit on a 490-square-foot pre-construction unit at College and Bay, which was completed last fall. The move forced them to shed most of the junk they’d accumulated over the course of their marriage. “Decluttering was a dopamine boost for our relationship. We’re closer now,” says Kyle. “When you’re forced to be in each other’s space all the time, it can make or break a relationship.”

Vince chose the north-facing unit in part to avoid paying a premium for a CN Tower view. His larger motivation, though, was his Hydro bill. He believes the northern exposure saves them about 20 per cent on cooling costs, because of the lack of direct sunlight. The only drawback: the home can seem dreary in mid-winter. To combat that, they’ve filled the living room with reflective accents, like this chrome lamp:

Transparent furniture keeps the light flowing through the space:

This industrial-chic chandelier casts light in multiple directions:

Ice, their 71-pound German shepherd, tends to bump into things, which is why they’ve opted for sturdy side tables instead of a delicate coffee table. The tables double as extra seating when guests pop by:

Vince scored this $3,000 Stylegarage couch at a warehouse sale for $500. He likes to joke that the house is decorated on “an Ikea budget with designer taste.”

When Kyle isn’t wearing his hats, they double as decor:

Although they have storage under their mattress, the bedroom closet is bursting at the seams. Out-of-season items get stuffed in one of their two storage lockers:

The balcony has become Ice’s room. They put down AstroTurf for him to lie on:

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