No. 14: Steeles

Average sale price: $851,679

When it comes to school districts, you’re not going to find a better option than this pocket of north ­Scarborough. Steeles is districted for David Lewis, an elementary school with terrific EQAO scores. Dr. Norman ­Bethune Collegiate, a public secondary school, is also highly ranked, while Mary Ward, the local Catholic secondary school, is known for its ­student-directed learning program, where precocious high schoolers pick their own subjects and set their own class schedules. Detached homes generally sell in the low seven figures, but there’s a good pool of semi-detached houses that would fit an $800,000 ­budget. The community is heavily ­Chinese—most residents speak either Mandarin or Cantonese fluently—so Asian retail options are plentiful: T&T Supermarket has a fish counter almost as impressive as Ripley’s Aquarium, while Dayali ­Beijing serves the city’s most succulent Peking duck.

What’s selling?

12 Eagle Point Road
A two-storey detached with three bedrooms and four baths.
Listed at $1,099,000
Sold for $1,065,000


127 Hawkshead Crescent
A two-storey townhouse with three bedrooms and three baths.
Listed at $718,800
Sold for $688,000


31 Coverdale Crescent
A two-storey detached with four bedrooms and three baths.
Listed at $1.08 million
Sold for $980,000