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Malta Bake Shop
3256 Dundas St. W.,
Toronto, Ontario M6P 2A3
43.665577 -79.478601
This little time capsule of a bake shop and café, on the edge of Toronto’s Malta Village, is one of the few places to buy traditional treats like pastizzi, trizzi, qagaq tal-gasel and pasta hamara. It’s also been a meeting place for expats since it opened in the 1980s. Pastizzi are super-flaky puff triangles filled with cheeses, meats and veggies. A menu on the wall announces more complicated dishes—fenkata (rabbit stew), ftira (Maltese pizza) and timpana (think Maltese lasagna)—but these dishes must be called in ahead.
Malta Bake Shop


Neighbourhood: The Junction

Online Shopping: No

Specialties: cookies, pastries

Payment Method: Cash Only

Days Closed: none