The “happy festival” cheering squad is getting a little out of hand

The “happy festival” cheering squad is getting a little out of hand

While at Starbucks this morning—nowhere close to the epicentre of TIFF—we noticed upbeat ladies doing go-get-’em arm gestures while chirping “happy festival!” to everyone in their inner circle. This is just a taste of what’s to come, Toronto. At this very minute, there are conversations underway all over city that sound just like this:

“Happy festival! See you at the end of September!”

“Cripes—if I make it!”

“Oh, just have some coffee and get your drink on tonight, girl!”

“Will do! Happy festival!”

“Happy festival!”

TIFF insiders complain, but they are really in their glory. They are all feeling extra-important today, trying to finish each other’s sentences about films and shamelessly name-dropping in an effort to prove just how FESTIVAL they are. A fictional example:

“Oh yeah, I know Ted. We used to work together.”

“Really, well we worked together and slept together after the In Style party last year. Anyhow, I’m running to interview Atom Egoyan in 10, but I’ll see you at the eTalk party if I’m not running late from introducing the screening at the Elgin. Remind me later to tell you about my crazy night with Mickey Rourke. By the way, I love your hair!”

Happy festival, everyone: 10 days of upping the ante and attempting to appear as FESTIVAL as possible. —Jen McNeely