Sotto Sotto: Av and Dav’s risotto mecca

Sotto Sotto: Av and Dav’s risotto mecca

Each day of the 2008 film festival, Toronto Life will introduce one of TIFF’s hot spot restaurants. We inquire about the vibe, the celebs who dine there and, of course, the food. Today’s special: Sotto Sotto.

The usual suspects: Av and Dav locals, UCC alumni.

Celebrities on site: Tommy Lee Jones, Mark Wahlberg (has returned several times), Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone.

Why here and not another venue? The celebrities love to talk with Mama. The 70-something mother of the owner is still in charge of all the daily specials, and Mama always delivers.

Signature dish: Mushroom risotto.

Sotto Sotto, 116A Avenue Rd. (at Davenport Rd.), 416-962-0011.

—Jen McNeely