Pusateri’s shut down after failing public health inspection, could reopen tomorrow (MORNING UPDATE)

Pusateri’s shut down after failing public health inspection, could reopen tomorrow (MORNING UPDATE)

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Avenue and Lawrence location of fancy food institution Pusateri’s has been shut down by Toronto Public Health “due to poor sanitation and pest infestation.” Well, at least that’s what a public health spokesperson told them. Pusateri’s general manager John Mastroianni, on the other hand, insists the closure was “equipment related.” Ever intrepid, the Star goes on to report that workers could be seen through the windows “cleaning and scrubbing shelves before returning the gourmet cookies and biscotti to their places.” The Yorkville and Bayview Village locations remain open for any urgent fancy food needs.

UPDATE Oct. 20 at 10:42 p.m.: we received a press release from Pusateri’s this evening acknowledging that as of 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, the store was temporarily closed following a visit from public health. From the release:

During the investigation, a small portion of the storage area and walk-in coolers as well as “hard-to-reach and obscure locations” seem to have been infested by pests, which may have been missed as a result of human error during our on-going routine maintenance. The situation is already being dealt with including the complete removal of all goods in the effected areas to ensure no further problems arise.

None of our public areas have been affected by this incident. Our location has operated for 25 years with complete compliance Toronto Public Health regulations. We are committed to following our track record as soon as this incident passes.

The City of Toronto DineSafe page for Pusateri’s has also been updated to reflect the latest inspection. The report lists eight infractions, including “inadequate pest control” and “improper maintenance/sanitation of non-food contact surfaces/equipment.”

UPDATE Oct. 21 at 9:45 a.m.: a spokesman for Pusateri’s has let us know that the store is being scrubbed down by professional cleaners at the moment, and could reopen as soon as tomorrow. Apparently, the infestation problem seems to have been caused by a shipment of wicker baskets from abroad; they’ve since been removed from the site and destroyed. He also told us that the store’s last routine pest control check was performed just over a week ago.

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