Introducing: Schmaltz Appetizing, the Jewish fish shop behind Fat Pasha

Introducing: Schmaltz Appetizing, the Jewish fish shop behind Fat Pasha

(Image: Caroline Aksich)

Name: Schmaltz Appetizing
Contact Info: 414 Dupont St. (the carriage house behind Fat Pasha), 647-350-4261,
Neighbourhood: The Annex
Previously: A kids’ store called Draw Me a Sheep (before that, it was Indian Rice Factory Chai Bar)
Owner: Anthony Rose, who also owns Fat Pasha, Rose and Sons, and Big Crow
Chef: Rose designed the menu, which is being executed by Drake alum Chris Kirn

The Food: An “appetizing” store is a Jewish food shop that sells fish, cream cheese and other foods commonly eaten with bagels. Schmaltz carries all the standard fishy toppings (smoked salmon, gravlax, gefilte fish), as well as some more exotic options, like salmon caviar, carp and smoked Acadian sturgeon. Most items can be ordered on a Kiva’s bagel, including $45 worth of American sturgeon caviar with sliced eggs and sour cream. (Less extravagant sandwiches run from $8 to $14). Fat Pasha’s Mediterranean salads round out the menu, along with a handful of traditional Jewish pastries.

The Drinks: Thomas Lavers root beer, fresh-squeezed juices, and mini cartons of Hewitt’s milk. Rose is in the process of applying for a liquor license, which means that caviar and vodka tastings could become a thing in the future.

The Place: The little room is anchored by a long display case brimming with fish and spreads. Shelves are crammed with bulk goodies—apple cider from Niagara, Roman olive oil, dried fruit and nuts, and gourmet canned goods (local honeys, wild-caught B.C. salmon, Acadian caviar).