Introducing: Le Dolci, Dundas West’s new cupcake studio

Introducing: Le Dolci, Dundas West’s new cupcake studio

Cupcakes! (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

After her home-based baking business grew too big for its cake tins, Lisa Sanguedolce knew the time had come to move out. She snapped up The Grateful Head’s former space, setting up Le Dolci as part store and part cupcake-design studio. “Come with your mom, your kids or your friends,“ Sanguedolce says. “It’s all about having fun!”

While working as a freelance journalist in the U.K., Sanguedolce filled up her spare moments with baking. Masterminding a weekly cake date, which involved delivering cakes around London, she realized her passion lay in pans—not pens. “From then on, I just couldn’t stop,” she jokes. Since returning to Canada, Sanguedolce has been busy whipping up events for foodies around town (she’s a regular presence on our Weekly Eater roundups).

With three to five classes a week available (mostly $80), the top pick is the Iron Cupcake Challenge, ideal for competitive workplaces (we’re told one OB/GYN crew created hilarious cupcakes with some impressively graphic details). Though cupcakes are what she’s known for, Sanguedolce stresses that there are plenty of other options available for sweet-toothed students: truffles, mini fondant cakes and macarons are just some of the picks. Upcoming classes include a joint one with Rosewood Wineries, meant to educate eaters about honey and mead. And come July, a foodie field trip will see sweet-toothed gourmands heading to Paris to turn out pastries in their native land. For those who just want the sweet without the sweat, cupcakes are available in the shop for $2.75 a pop.

Le Dolci, 1006 Dundas St. W., 416-262-3400,, @ledolci