Conrad Black’s last kick at the can

Conrad Black’s last kick at the can

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals calendar has it listed for 9:30 a.m. Central Time this morning: Conrad Black’s last kick at the can (short of an appeal to the Supreme Court), “07-4080, 08-1030, 08-1072 & 08-1106; USA v. Black 30 min.”

And from Black trial scribe Steven Skurka in Chicago last night, word that the appeals court has cut both sides back from 30 to 20 minutes for oral argument. That gives Conrad Black et al. even less time to sum up their side.

I anticipate that we will see Frey (who is only acting for Black), Ron Safer, Michael Schachter and Boultbee’s new appeal counsel, Richard Greenberg, splitting the 20 minutes of oral argument tomorrow, and that includes their reply as well. It really gets confusing because they all have different positions to advance on the appeal. For example, Black uniquely faces an appeal of his obstruction of justice conviction whereas Kipnis’ appeal is limited to the two mail fraud counts in APC.

Yoikes. Talk fast, boys.

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