Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about subscriptions. Have a question this page doesn’t answer? Please contact us.

Frequently asked questions about subscriptions

Why can’t I access my account through Customer Care Online?
In order to log in to Toronto Life’s Customer Care Online service, you need to enter your subscription number or your email address. If we do not have your email address on your subscriber file, then you will not be able to log in using it. If you are having trouble logging in, please double check that you have entered your information correctly: all spaces must be omitted and all zeros should be entered, even ones at the beginning of your subscription number. If you still cannot access your account, please contact a customer service representative.

How do I find out when my subscription expires?
You can find it in the upper right corner of your magazine address label. MAR17, for example, means March 2017 is the last issue of your subscription. This information is also displayed at Customer Care Online.

How do I renew my subscription?
We will notify you by mail when it is time to renew your subscription. By renewing promptly, you can avoid both an interruption in service and future renewal reminders. For faster service, renew your subscription at Customer Care Online. After you log in, click on “Renew a Subscription.”

How do I give a gift subscription to Toronto Life?
Log in to Customer Care Online and look for the “Give a Gift” option. If you are not a current Toronto Life subscriber, please order gift subscriptions here.

Why did I receive duplicate copies of the magazine?
If the subscriber numbers on your mailing labels are identical, then this was likely a one-time error. However, in rare instances, a computer error may result in two slightly different mailing labels being generated for a subscriber. If you receive duplicate copies, please contact a customer service representative and refer to both mailing labels. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Can I request scent-free copies of my magazines?
Yes. Toronto Life and FASHION occasionally include scent strips in their issues. If you have an allergy or would prefer magazines without these strips, please contact a customer service representative. We’ll make sure your copies are scent-free.

How should I update my street address or email address with Toronto Life?
Please log in to Customer Care Online and look for those options. If you are moving, please update your mailing address six weeks prior to your move to prevent an issue being sent to your old address.

My issue arrived damaged, or I missed an issue. How can I get another one?
Occasionally, an issue is damaged or lost in the mail. If your issue arrives damaged, contact a customer service representative, and we’ll be happy to replace it. If your magazine doesn’t arrive, check the label of the last issue you received to be sure your subscription has not expired, or use the Customer Care Online service and find out more about the status of your account. Check to see that your invoice has been paid. If everything seems to be in order and your issue still hasn’t arrived, contact a customer service representative.

How can I order a back issue of Toronto Life?
You may purchase back issues here. Issues not listed are out of stock.

Who can I contact with questions about the 2-for-1 Coupon Book?
You may contact the promotion manager of the 2-for-1 Coupon Book, Rui Costa, at or at 416-364-3333, extension 4513.

How can I contact you about another question?
Your subscription is important to us. If you have any other questions, contact a customer service representative or write us at Toronto Life, Subscription Department, Queen Richmond Centre, 111 Queen Street East, Suite 320, Toronto, Ont., M5C 1S2. Please refer to your mailing label when inquiring about your subscription. The label contains important information that will help us to serve you quickly and easily.

Frequently asked questions about Toronto Life’s magazine app

You can download the app for free from Apple’s App Store, or on Google Play’s app store. You can also get the digital edition through Pocketmags, where it’ll work on Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS devices.

What is included in the with the app?

Toronto Life issues found in the magazine app have the same content as print.  The app contains a library of issues available for purchase as single copies or with a subscription. If you’re a print subscriber to the magazine, the latest issue of our digital edition is free. If you’re not, you can read the current issue for free with a 30-day trial subscription to explore what Toronto Life offers. By allowing us to send you notifications, you’ll be told whenever new issues are available. Your downloaded issues are accessible through the app.

How much does the Toronto Life digital edition cost?

The app itself is free. Single issues are $6.99, annual subscriptions are $17.99 per year for 12 issues, and monthly subscriptions are $2.79 per month. Prices may change at any time.

I’m a print subscriber.  How do I sign in to download the free digital issues on my device?

If you use an iPad, open the app and tap the gear icon in the top right corner and then tap “Subscriptions,” and “I have a print subscription.” In the “Activate Digital Access” box that appears, enter your print subscription account number and postal code. Then tap “Activate” and wait up to 30 seconds.

If you use an iPhone, open the app and tap “Existing Subscriber?” at the bottom of the screen. Under “OTHER,” tap “I have a print subscription.” In the “Activate Digital Access” box that appears, enter your print subscription account number and postal code. Then tap “Activate” and wait up to 30 seconds.

If you use an Android device or other smart phone or tablet, open the Toronto Life app.  Tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen.  Tap “Restore purchases” then tap “Subscription from Publisher…” In the “Activate Digital Access” box that appears, enter your print subscription account number and postal code.  Then tap “Activate” and wait up to 30 seconds.

My print subscription to Toronto Life includes FASHION magazine. How do I sign in to download the free FASHION digital issues on my device?

Download and open the free FASHION magazine app—you can find it wherever you found your Toronto Life app—and follow the rest of the instructions above.

I’m a print subscriber. Where can I find my library of issues?

Toronto Life provides the current issue of our digital edition free for your convenience.  From time to time, app updates may cause old magazine issues to disappear from your library. We will endeavour to minimize these occurrences. Only the current issue is guaranteed to be yours as a print subscriber with free digital access.

Why won’t my issue download?

Older issues may download slowly, but you can start reading once one-tenth of the magazine has been downloaded.  For best results, we recommend using a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection to download an issue.  You may wish to disable your device’s auto-lock function while downloading an issue to avoid your device going into sleep mode. If you started a download and it fails for any reason, you can restart it by tapping the download button again.

What happens if I close the app while an issue is downloading?

The download will pause until you open the app again and tap “Download,” at which point the issue will continue downloading from where it left off.

How do I know when a new digital issue is available?

Please opt in to receive notifications in your device’s notification settings. Open the app often to view specials and new issues.

I’m having problems with purchases I made in the app. What should I do?

If you purchased content from inside the app, please contact the support centre of the digital newsstand you did so from. The Toronto Life offices will not have a record of your account.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my issues?

You only need to be online to download issues. But once they’re downloaded, you can read them offline; only links and some videos will not work.

How do I archive an issue to save storage space?

On iPads and iPhones, tap “Library” at the top of the app home page. Then tap “Edit” to the right of Library, tap all issues that you wish to archive and, when the word “Edit” changes to “Done,” tap  “Done.” The magazine cover or covers you’ve selected will now appear translucent, which means it’ll be free to download them again later.

On Android devices or other smart devices, tap the menu button at the top left of the screen. Tap “My Library.” Then tap the three-dot button alongside the issues you wish to delete, then “Archive” and “OK.”

I still have a question. What do I do?

On iPads and iPhones, tap the gear icon in the app, then tap “Contact Us.”

On Android devices or other smart devices, tap the menu at the top left of the screen, then tap “Help.”