The Swag Series: Swarovski’s Wings of Fantasy suite is fit for a black swan

The Swag Series: Swarovski’s Wings of Fantasy suite is fit for a black swan

Bling from Swarovski (Image: Fraser Abe)

What it is: The Swarovski accessories collection Wings of Fantasy and its fall/winter 2011 couture collection designed by Daniel Swarovski are on display at the Four Seasons for the duration of the Toronto International Film Festival. The couture line is made up of intricate, delicate pieces, with grandiose jewels sewn into clothing and elaborate statement jewellery, while the Wings of Fantasy collection takes its inspiration from a ballerina (clearly someone at Swarovski has seen Black Swan) both on and off the stage.

Who goes: Media types lusting after freebies, stylists who want to put their clients in Swarovski-brand jewels, and last year, Catherine Deneuve, who stopped in to take a gander at the baubles. See the suite after the jump.

What they get: Since the catwalk collection is one-of-a-kind (read: expensive), Swarovski isn’t loaning the pieces to anyone (but if a huge celebrity like Nicole Kidman asked, they might consider it). But don’t fret, celebs—if you’re looking for some red-carpet sparkle, Swarovski has brought in massive trunks of merchandise to loan out. Purses from Paris that will definitely catch the light of all those flash bulbs will be on offer, as well as a selection of jewellery (that may not be as expensive or unique, but is still sparkly). We left with a pair of blingy green crystal cufflinks, and the gals are being gifted with a shimmery pendant-style USB key (boys: 1, girls: 0).

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