Michelle Williams and Matt Damon hung out at the party for Manchester By the Sea

Michelle Williams and Matt Damon hung out at the party for Manchester By the Sea

The last of Grey Goose’s TIFF parties at Soho House, for drama Manchester by the Sea, did not disappoint in terms of star power.

The Stars

Michelle Williams changed out of her sparkly Louis Vuitton gown into a dress straight out of Reality Bites:

Casey Affleck cuddled Williams:

Coach Eric Taylor (a.k.a. Kyle Chandler) popped by for a drink:

Producer Matt Damon chatted with director Kenneth Lonergan:

The Scene

At first, the crowd ogled Williams and co. from afar, but eventually relaxed once the stars left the clump of couches and made an effort to mingle with party guests. The only finger food more popular than the trays of salmon tartare and kale pizza in circulation was the mass of glazed donuts that emerged in the party’s final hour.

The Gossip

Williams was first to arrive, at nine, but wasn’t alone for long; Chandler, Damon and Lucas Hedges arrived soon after, with more than a few guests visibly excited and pointing openly at “the guy from Friday Night Lights.” Chandler got himself a drink from the bar and took off within the hour, and Affleck came by before 10 and received friends and industry guests from under the mounted moose-head in the Soho basement. Williams and Damon were almost exclusively deep in conversation with each other throughout the night. She stepped out for a smoke at around 10:20 and lingered there for an hour, with Damon keeping her company throughout. Affleck was not as gruff as his beard made him out to be and chatted with anyone who approached him, while Hedges proved disarmingly enthusiastic about the whole shindig, often breaking into an impromptu soft-shoe to encourage other guests to get their dance on as well.


September 15, 2016

This post originally identified Soho House as the organizer of Manchester By the Sea's party. In fact, it was organized by Grey Goose.