Six in the Six: half a dozen burning questions for Oscar Wood, better known as “Mini Bautista”

Six in the Six: half a dozen burning questions for Oscar Wood, better known as “Mini Bautista”


Nine-year-old Oscar Wood of Thorton, Ontario has been dressing up like his baseball hero for a while now, but it was this video—where “Mini Bats” conjures the voodoo spirits to bring about Jose Bautista’s tie-breaking three-run homer in game five of the American League Division Series—that turned him into an overnight sensation. Since then, Wood has been meeting dignitaries, signing autographs and—oh—attending last night’s game, during which the Jays finally kicked butt. Coincidence? He hopes not.

You were at the game yesterday and the Jays finally won. Do you think it was because their good luck charm was in the stands?
I hope so. There were so many great moments when everyone was hitting home runs. Ryan Goins and somebody else and somebody else. It was great.

Tell me how the whole Mini Bautista thing started. Was it your idea?
It was three years ago. My sister Bella came up with the idea. My dad had a beard and she said, “You kind of look like Jose Bautista.” And she said, “You can paint a beard on Oscar.” My brother was first Mini Lawrie and then he got traded, and then he was Mini Norris and then he got traded, and now he’s mini Tulo, so hopefully he doesn’t get traded.

You have met Jose Bautista in person before. What was that like? What did he say?
The first thing he said to me was “nice beard bro.” I said thanks, and then I said, “You have a better one.”

What did you think of his big bat flip?
People where saying it wasn’t respectful or something like that, but I thought it was very cool. He works very hard.

You call your good-luck powers “voodoo.” What’s the secret to summoning the magic?
I just wish. I was really trying last night. It only works on Bautista. We were yelling down to him last night, saying happy birthday.

You’ve become famous in your own right over the last few days. Do you enjoy being an internet celebrity?
Yeah, I love it. When I go to school, people don’t even call me Oscar, they call me Mini Bautista. It was really cool meeting John Tory. I got to sit in his chair. It’s fun to take selfies with fans. I don’t like it when girls hug me though. It’s annoying. They have germs!