The Rob Ford family tree

The Rob Ford family tree

They call themselves the Canadian Kennedys. You be the judge

(Illustrations: Mia Overgaard)

Think you know everything you ever wanted to know (and lots you really didn’t) about Rob Ford and kin? Think again. The political tradition that began with Doug Sr. and continues with Rob and Doug may carry on with Mikey, who’s rumoured to be gearing up to run for council sooner or later. He’s not the only member of the third generation to enjoy the limelight. Here, a genealogical guide to Camelot North.

The Rob Ford Family Tree

1 | Doug Ford Sr.
An ex–Tory MPP who advocated for—surprise!—tax cuts and fiscal responsibility. Met his future wife while lifeguarding at a local pool as a teen. Built Deco Labels into a thriving business. Died in 2006 at the age of 73.

2 | Ruth Diane Campbell | Age: 79
A political puppet master who began laying the groundwork for her youngest son’s reign in ’03, telling John Tory she’d back him for mayor only until it was “Robbie’s turn.”

3 | Jeff Pressley | Age: 54
Married Kathy in 1982, when they were fresh-faced 22-year-olds. They separated seven years later. Pressley hightailed it to Edmonton, remarried and now owns a flooring company in Barrie.

4 | Kathy Ford | Age: 53
The eldest Fordlet once ran a gift-basket business called Anything Goes out of her mom’s house. Has struggled with heroin addiction. Was convicted in 2012 for stealing toothbrushes from Zellers.

5 | Ennio Stirpe | Age: 63
Dated Kathy until ’98, when she shacked up with carpenter, kick-boxer and white supremacist Michael Kiklas, whom Stirpe killed with a shotgun. Stirpe is in prison for stabbing an ex-girlfriend.

6 | Randy Ford | Age: 52
Known for his Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy aesthetic—he rarely removes his signature Stetson—and bad-boy track record: by age 33, he’d been arrested 17 times. Today, he’s a director at Deco Labels.

7 | Lisa Dolson | Age: 48
A former hairstylist who dated Randy for 11 years. They were engaged but never married. Two weeks before the birth of their son, they split, and Lisa left the city. She tries to stay out of Fordian affairs.

8 | Doug Ford | Age: 49
Rob’s campaign manager, best buddy and the president of Deco Labels. Loves: tax cuts, chocolate milk, kick-boxing (he’s apparently been doing it for at least 10 years), his four cats and his mutt, Buddy.

9 | Karla Middlebrook
A fitness fanatic and cheerleader who preaches healthy eating—she considers granola bars an indulgence. Posts Instagram selfies featuring Lululemon gear and her sculpted biceps.

10 | Rob Ford | Age: 45
A sports nut from birth: as a kid, he attended football camps run by the Washington Redskins and Notre Dame University, and played street hockey with future Our Lady Peace front man Raine Maida.

11 | Renata Brejniak | Age: 43
The press-shy daughter of Polish immigrants is a stay-at-home mom. She and a man named Artur Kisiki divorced in 1996, and she married the big fella in 2000.

12 | Jennifer Pressley | Age: 27
Lives with her mom and brother around the corner from grandma in Etobicoke.

13 | Michael Ford | Age: 20
Volunteers for Rob’s campaign, studies business at Humber, works at Deco and is said to be considering a run in Ward 2.

14 | Madison and Jonathon | Ages: 8 and 4
Both kids live with their mother outside the GTA and see their father on weekends.

15 | Krista Ford | Age: 23
An ex–lingerie football player. Asked in 2011 if she’ll run for office, she said, “Ha. No. Well, not yet.”

16 | Kayla Ford | Age: 22
A peppy cheerleader and fitness buff who studied psychology at Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo.

17 | Kara Ford | Age: 20
Studying broadcast TV at Conestoga College. Is a culture reporter for the student news program.

18 | Kyla Ford | Age: 18
A six-packed cheerleader who provides healthy recipes and workouts on her website, The Lean Queen.

19 | Stephanie and Doug Jr. | Ages: 9 and 5
Both kids are almost always kept out of the public eye.