Today in Toronto: Lise de la Salle, Loves Lies Bleed and more

Lise de la Salle De la Salle began her performance career at the age of nine with a live radio broadcast on Radio France. Since then, this 23-year-old French pianist’s recordings have earned her two Editor’s Choice picks in Gramophone magazine. Find out more »

Love Lies Bleeding A deliciously campy extravaganza with a healthy helping of beefcake, this lavish Alberta Ballet spectacle celebrates the music of Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin, using 14 of their beyond-catchy songs to map, through dance, the cult of celebrity. Find out more »

Mozart and Friends Wolfie had buddies, among them Joseph Haydn and Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, whose name is not as well-known as it is fun to say. Von Dittersdorf is represented on this program by a concerto for two violins, Haydn supplies the Farewell Symphony and Mozart gets the lavishly melodic Sinfonia Concertante. Find out more »

Reel Asian International Film Festival It would be nice if Jackie Chan’s goofy martial arts antics weren’t our most consistent exposure to Asians in film. The Reel Asian International Film Festival goes way beyond chop-socky to feature a broad range of work by Asian filmmakers both here and abroad. Find out more »


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