The hottest trend in Santa photos this Christmas: canines

The hottest trend in Santa photos this Christmas: canines

Taking your kids to sit on Santa’s lap is a timeworn tradition. This is Toronto, though, home of pugs and bugs, and poodles and doodles galore. It was only a matter of time until the two worlds merged. And, unless the big guy has allergies, the four-legged friends are probably a nice break from having to pacify screaming babies or make empty promises to sticky-fingered totsโ€”because these good boys and girls can’t actually ask for anything.

Niko is clearly in it for whatever treat is being dangled close to the camera:


Bailey the Boston terrier wore his finest letterman jacket for the occasion:


When your name is Mr. Beefy, you don’t do laps:


It’s hard to tell where Olaf the Samoyed ends and Santa begins:


Something this Shar-Pei mix might want for Christmas: an iron


Keep it together, Edie:


Everything about this picture is vaguely menacing:

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Meet the Doublemint Dogs:


What Axel the mastiff wants for Christmas: his dignity back


You can bet this one was turned into a Christmas card:


Loki just hopes his police dog friends don’t catch word of this:


Aspen’s on point:


…while Sadie seems skeptical:


Pom Pom the Pomeranian, on the other hand, was born for this:


Santa is about one second away from losing his nose-like-a-cherry:

Santa reminding Remy that he was not really a good boy this year. @canadianpetexpo

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Things this cat might want for Christmas: a sweater with sleeves

Cats can meet him too! Tomorrow #torontocats

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