Become a Momfluencer with the CYBEX Hot Mom Walk Contest

Become a Momfluencer with the CYBEX Hot Mom Walk Contest

CYBEX is looking for a new walk leader and podcast host. The winner will receive up to $35,000 in prizes.

New parenthood is rarely easy. Intense joy is often accompanied by loneliness and feeling overwhelmed by the huge life change of having to take care of a whole new person. A pre-pandemic study by Statistics Canada found that nearly one-quarter of new moms reported “feelings consistent with either postpartum depression or an anxiety disorder,” and a pandemic survey found that 80 per cent of new moms felt more alone than ever.

That’s why CYBEX launched the CYBEX Hot Mom Walk: because getting outside, engaging in exercise and finding an understanding community have all been linked to increased levels of happiness and decreased rates of mild to moderate depression.

Since 2023, these regional walks in southern Ontario have invited new moms to bring their babies and strollers out for a “new mom mindfulness stroll.” The events bring postpartum moms together for physical activity and companionship. And there’s an accompanying podcast series, the CYBEX Hot Mom Walk Podcast, that encourages new moms to listen whenever they take their little ones out in their strollers for some fresh air. Topics the hosts and moms have covered include mom guilt, postpartum fitness and learning to be a parent.

Become a momfluencer with the CYBEX Hot Mom Walk Contest

Now, CYBEX is looking for a new walk leader and podcast host—with up to $35,000 in prizes to be won including a free family vacation for four.

These new CYBEX Mama Mentors will work alongside current podcast hosts and walk leaders Alex Trimble and Chloe Alleyne, who will guide moms and contestants in creating their own platforms to share their experiences of motherhood.

Walks happen weekly from April to October (with July and August off), and are hosted at West Coast Kids locations across the Greater Toronto Area. Through this year’s CYBEX Mama Mentors Search, CYBEX is looking for new community leaders and podcast hosts to help bring the walks to more moms across Canada.

The details

To enter, contestants must create a three-minute video introducing themselves and answering the following questions:

  • What’s one thing you wish somebody told you about being a new mom?
  • Were there any struggles you faced as a new mom? How did you overcome them?
  • What is the number one thing that makes you feel your best as a mom?

Contestants then share the video with their social network and ask followers to vote for them online. The top 10 finalists will be determined by total fan votes.

The grand prize includes a CYBEX prize pack, a five-star family vacation, the chance to lead a CYBEX Hot Mom Walk in your vacation destination. The winner will also help to create and host new episodes of the podcast.

The CYBEX Hot Mom Podcast can be found on Apple podcasts and Spotify. For full contest details and to enter, visit