Best Toronto Restaurants 2016: Kasa Moto

Toronto’s Best New Restaurants: Kasa Moto

Toronto's Best New Restaurants: Kasa Moto

One or two people shed a tear when martini-and-a-cigarette institution Remy’s closed. The replacement, a sushi restaurant run by the guys at the Chase, represents everything that’s good and bad about the new Yorkville: the deep pockets willing to invest in a swishy series of dining rooms, highly talented cooks poached from top Japanese restaurants, and the obnoxiously entitled patrons who reserve the upper patio’s bottle service zone and throw a not-so-quiet fit when a server arrives with the wrong order. If you can ignore the local wildlife, the seafood is some of the city’s best, especially sheets of tuna tataki rolled over curls of daikon, hamachi dressed with a yuzu-zipped ponzu, rock shrimp fried in a light tempura batter, and platters of sashimi that gleam like a haul of jewels from Aladdin’s cave.

115 Yorkville Ave., 647-348-7000,