Best Toronto Restaurants 2016: A3

Toronto’s Best New Restaurants: A3 Napoli

Toronto's Best New Restaurants: A3 Napoli

The guys at Pizzeria Libretto, one of my regular stops for a pie, recently increased the available options with this fast food–style counter operating under a special remit: deep-fry everything in sight, including pizza. Grab your cholesterol pills before digging into a gran fritto misto platter of breaded and fried zucchini, cubes of elbow pasta and oozing cheese, arancini, kale, and calamari. A spicy marinara helps cut through the grease and get you ready for the next course: a whole Neapolitan pie covered in whipped buffalo ricotta and cured pork, folded up, then deep-fried. It’s ridiculously good, the perfect food for a Little Italy bar crawl, but I’d advise against having it seven days a week.

589 College St., 416-588-6006,