If you’re looking for an excuse to get dolled up for a drink and the chance to rub elbows with the city’s rich (or rich in taste), then Yorkville’s dBar, the Four Seasons’ swanky lounge and the boozy little brother of Café Boulud, is the place to be. It’s quiet during the day, populated mostly with hotel guests and liquid lunchers, but as soon as the clock strikes five, the space comes alive with flashes of gold lamé (in one case, a Louis Vuitton tracksuit) and the staccato sound of champagne bottles popping. Sidle up to the bar if there’s room, order a cocktail, like the Give and Take, made with coffee-infused mescal, amaro, Ancho Reyes and aquavit, and eavesdrop to your heart’s content.

60 Yorkville Ave., 416-964-0411, dbartoronto.com


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