Toronto Fashion Week: Line Knitwear brings bold pinks and fuzzy angora to the Fall 2014 runway

Toronto Fashion Week: Line Knitwear brings bold pinks and fuzzy angora to the Fall 2014 runway

Toronto Fashion Week runs from March 17-21, in a large—and stylishly appointed—tent at David Pecaut Square. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. Here’s what trendsetters will be wearing in fall 2014.


Friends John Muscat and Jennifer Wells have been the head designers for Line Knitwear since founding the label in 2000.


The established brand attracts a sophisticated crowd—which meant less jostling and fewer look-at-me outfits than at some other shows. TV host Marilyn Denis was perched prominently in the front row, as was Canadian model Coco Rocha, who looked gorgeous in a cream pencil skirt and orange top. The upbeat audience erupted in cheers when a model lost her towering stiletto and finished the show barefoot.


We were impressed by the collection’s breadth of texture: croc-embossed moto jackets were paired with calf-hair skirts; sheared velvet shorts peeked out from beneath leather sweaters; and fuzzy angora showed up in cropped tops, shoulder snoods and mini skirts. The colour scheme was a study in contrasts, with half the models wearing muted ensembles in shades of midnight, ivory and burgundy, and the other half decked out in head-to-toe fuchsia. Styling-wise, we loved the models’ jewelled ear cuffs and side-swept ‘dos.


True to form, the collection boasted plenty of practical pieces, including crew-necked jumpers, form-fitting pencil skirts and long sweaterdresses. But most appealing were the edgier designs, like a sleeveless leather moto vest and velvet midi skirt. The bright pink knits looked great on the runway, but we preferred the neutral outfits. (Our favourite: an elegant white sweater paired with a lacy mini skirt.)

Toronto Fashion Week: Line Knitwear brought cozy shades of pink to the runway for fall 2014


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