Toronto Fashion Week: Beaufille presents hypnotic prints and backwards baseball caps for Fall 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: Beaufille presents hypnotic prints and backwards baseball caps for Fall 2014

Toronto Fashion Week runs from March 17-21, in a large—and stylishly appointed—tent at David Pecaut Square. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. Here’s what trendsetters will be wearing in fall 2014.


Beaufille (the label formerly known as Chloé comme Parris) is designed by sister duo Chloé and Parris Gordon. (The new name is meant to reflect the label’s gender-bending designs).


Outside the show, flocks of girls in brimmed hats and dark lipstick vied for spots in an enormous line, which some unlucky ticket-holders never got to the front of. Inside, prime seats were a hot commodity. The crowd grooved to hip-hop beats from Wu Tang Clan and Mobb Deep as the models strutted the runway.


After a surprisingly femme Spring collection, the sisters returned to their signature androgynous style, this time with a heavy focus on leather, black lamé and hypnotic prints. There were fierce ox-blood ensembles adorned with metal clips, long 70s-style frocks over matching leggings and a smattering of studded backwards baseball caps. A handful of pretty A-line skirts and pleated camisoles added a touch of softness, while last season’s grommets reappeared on a pantsuit and jacket.


Although we loved the drapey shirts and oversized jackets, our two favourite outfits marked a pleasing departure from the shapeless norm: a cropped black turtleneck over a high-waisted studded mini, and a pleated two-piece strapless dress.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2014: Beaufille


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