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House of the Week: $1.7 million for Toronto’s first luxury prefab home (designed by Ray Kappe, no less)

House of the Week: $1.7 million for Toronto’s first luxury prefab home (designed by Ray Kappe, no less)
The builders partnered with some of Canada’s most innovative retailers and manufacturers, including Caesarstone, Made, Elte, Urban Mode, Jotul and even the AGO, to furnish the three-bedroom house for showcasing (Image: Finn O’Hara)

ADDRESS: 20A Senlac Road

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Lansing-Westgate

AGENT: Russell Pearsall, Forest Hill Real Estate

PRICE: $1,689,000

THE PLACE: Toronto’s first upscale prefabricated home (though the concept has been popular elsewhere for years) sits just north of Sheppard, overlooking a ravine. Famed Californian architect Ray Kappe designed the four-bedroom house, which boasts 2,132 square feet of interior space—plus another 1,000 square feet in the basement.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: How many people can say their house was assembled in two days, and show off a cool time-lapse video to prove it? If that fails to impress, you can mention that one of Kappe’s homes was also a major plot point in an episode of Californication. Dinner party conversation for all!

BIG SELLING POINT: Kappe is a leader in the field of green home design, and this residence was manufactured in a plant in Indiana using sustainable materials and construction practices. It also has an advanced geothermal heating and cooling system—so you can feel smug about your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Since your home is so environmentally friendly, expect some scathing stares from neighbours if you exceed your weekly garbage allotment. And you had better make sure that green bin gets used.

BY THE NUMBERS: • $1,689,000 • 2,132 square feet • 1,000 square feet of outdoor decks • 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • 2 storeys • 2-car garage • 1 famous architect


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