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Condo of the Week: $460,000 for a Riverdale suite with a rooftop retreat

Condo of the Week: $460,000 for a Riverdale suite with a rooftop retreat
(Image: Robert Holowka)

Address: 625 Queen Street East, Unit 205 Neighbourhood: South Riverdale
Agent: Alex Brott, Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty Inc. Price: $459,000

The Place: A one-bedroom unit with a decent-sized den in a 2009 building across from Dark Horse Espresso.

Big Selling Point: It’s rare to find a condo at this price point with such a luxurious master bedroom. Not only is it big, it has an en suite bathroom, two closets and its own little balcony.

Bragging Rights: Private. Rooftop. Deck. By private, we mean no one else has a key and there are high walls on both sides. The possibilities include al fresco dining, herb gardening and nude sunbathing. In fact, why not all three? There’s no one there to judge.

Possible Deal Breaker: The windows face the Don Valley Parkway, which isn’t the most inspiring view. Then again, it’s a lot better than staring at a brick wall. It’s also quieter than facing Queen, thanks to a little dead-end street between the building and highway that acts as a buffer.

By the Numbers:

• $459,000 • $408 in monthly maintenance fees • 815 square feet • 1 bedroom • 2 bathrooms • 1 large den • 1 balcony • 1 private rooftop deck (approximately 400 sq. ft.) • 0 parking spots

(Image: Robert Holowka)


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