At A Dangerous Method’s party at Soho House, A-list celebrities outnumbered the common folk

At A Dangerous Method's party at Soho House, A-list celebrities outnumbered the common folk

The sheer abundance of A-listers at A Dangerous Method’s party at Soho House put celeb gossip mongers on overload, and by 2:30 a.m., the party was still going strong, making those working the event wish George Clooney would just go back to his hotel already so the rest of us could call it a night. Who we spotted, who they hung out with and what we overheard after the jump (plus pictures, lots of pictures).

David and Caitlin—along with the rest of the Cronenberg clan—were on hand from the beginning of the night and were seen chatting with other big name Canadians like Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and wife Régine Chassagne (everyone knew who they were). Bono chatted with George Clooney, and although we couldn’t get close enough to hear them over the thudding music, we guess they talked about saving the world. (We did manage to overhear Clooney passionately discussing South Sudan). Clooney and rumoured-flame Stacy Keibler sat down to dinner, noshing on pasta in a tomato basil sauce, while Keira Knightley skipped carbs and jumped right into snogging with current beau, Klaxons vocalist and keyboardist James Righton. We were entranced by Knightley’s Erdem gown, but we turned away to have a chat with Righton where he explained that he likes Toronto’s Kensington Market because it reminds him of Camden. He also mentioned that he and Knightley dined at Sotto Sotto and had dim sum Saturday at Lai Wah Heen.

Evan Rachel Wood lived out the dreams of many when she was seen smacking Ryan Gosling’s bottom, but Gosling was also spotted speaking with Emily Blunt, likely because he’s trying to put any Eva Mendes gossip to rest. Kate Mara and Max Minghella (who played Divya Narendra in The Social Network) were seen canoodling and sharing kisses, and Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott spoke to us about his latest TIFF film, Friends with Kids, which led to being introduced to friend Richard Kelly (best known for writing and directing Donnie Darko). Scott greeted leather jacket-clad Jonah Hill with an enthusiastic “Hey!” and was spotted later chatting with Parks and Recreation co-star Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. A scruffy Jon Hamm showed up wearing an untucked denim shirt with elbow patches and spent most of the night hanging out with his girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, while Justin Long—sporting a faded stonewashed denim jacket—chatted with Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter.

Jimmy Kimmel looked kind of surprisingly handsome and had his sidekick, Guillermo Diaz, by his side. Ewan McGregor, Kirsten Dunst, Emile Hirsch, Michelle Monaghan, Gina Gershon, Dave Matthews (who played ping pong), and Morgan Spurlock (who was really into dancing to Ace of Base) were also seen hanging out, but leave it to Paz de la Huerta to show up at nearly 3am with her lipstick not matching her outfit.


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