Costume Drama: Olivia Chow’s many vote-courting fashion statements

Costume Drama: Olivia Chow's many vote-courting fashion statements
(Image: QMI Agency)

Costume Drama (Olivia Chow's costume-y pandering)

Sartorially speaking, Olivia Chow has the edge this election season. Fashion is one of her shrewdest political weapons: she goes all out to stand out, dressing the part at every event she attends. Over the years, that’s meant Starfleet uniforms for Trekkie conventions, bedazzled bustiers for Caribana, traditional Punjabi dress for South Asian festivals and rainbow headdresses for Pride. When it comes to seducing voters, no fashion crime is too risky. Here, a look at her most outrageous, ingratiating ensembles.

Caribana, 2014
Costume Drama (Olivia Chow's costume-y pandering)
Dragon Ball, 2013
Fashion Week, 2009
Hot Docs, 2014
World Cup, 2014
WorldPride, 2014


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