Neighbourhood Watch: How the east Annex became Toronto’s trendiest ’hood

Neighbourhood Watch: How the east Annex became Toronto’s trendiest ’hood

Neighbourhood Watch: The New Annex

Elbow-patched academics, keg-emptying frat boys and earthy middle-incomers have long ruled the Annex. But lately, a clutch of moneyed, high-powered Forest Hill and Rosedale types have wandered south, looking for cool downtown bustle without having to give up the acreage. And who can blame them? The east Annex is a natural geographical nexus for the intellectual and moneyed elite, what with U of T and all the museums to the south, and the revamped Bloor Street promenade—not to mention Whole Foods—a short stroll away. The choicest address is Admiral Road, a winding, bucolic boulevard with huge heritage homes ripe for renovation. Margaret Atwood is its most famous resident; she’s lived there since ’85. Ex-GG Adrienne Clarkson became her neighbour in ’05. Adrienne’s ex-hubby, eminent egghead Stephen Clarkson, is down the way on Lowther—a strip dotted with luminaries like George Cohon of McDonald’s and real estate king Jimmy Molloy. Above, we chart the most recent arrivals to Toronto’s newest Golden Mile.

1 | 62 Bernard Avenue
4 | 53 Boswell Avenue
7 | 66 Lowther Avenue
2 | 77 Admiral Road
5 | 14 Admiral Road
8 | 26 Lowther Avenue
3 | 92 Bedford Road
6 | 75 Lowther Avenue


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