Eat Smart. Move Smart. Evolve.

Eat Smart. Move Smart. Evolve.

Effective workouts and nutritious meals for healthy living that fits with any lifestyle.


You were built to move, and fuelling your movement is important. That’s why Evolve Functional Fitness and iQ Food Co. have teamed up to give you a tasty and effective way to live a healthier lifestyle on the go.

Evolve is a new digital fitness membership like no other. Based on
seven primal movements, Evolve is a body-weight only program that provides a practical solution to a strong, healthy lifestyle at any age. Digitally delivered to any device, Evolve goes with you anywhere. All you need is your body and the impulse to move. Visit Evolve’s website to sign up for your free trial month and start moving with Evolve’s safe, customizable workouts. Choose your trainer, your music, your workout length, and your workout level. To optimize your Evolve experience, download the iOS app from the iTunes App Store to access all Evolve workouts, the Evolve social world and Evolve’s unique nutrition platform.

To complement Evolve’s seven primal movements, iQ has prepared a fresh, from-scratch meal with seven nutritionally dense foods, rich in omega fats, antioxidants, fiber, protein and beta carotene to keep your heart healthy and help repair and build new muscles. Like Evolve’s workouts, the meal is perfectly balanced and available on-the-go, making a healthy lifestyle fit with any schedule.

Get an extended trial membership by ordering an Evolve Box at one of iQ’s two locations. Sign up for Evolve and get even more iQ perks.

Through instinctive movement and intelligent eating, you will feel stronger, stand taller, and live healthier with Evolve and iQ.



This is a sponsored post. The content is paid for by our advertising partners. Learn more about Evolve Functional Fitness at


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