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Why Target is not coming to Canada…yet

Why Target is not coming to Canada…yet

The stuff budget-shopping dreams are made of (Image: Chris Gonzales)

Back in January, Target announced that it was looking into opening Canadian stores. We wrote a small post on The Goods at the time, and since then, it’s been inundated with comments from people across the country claiming that a Target store is opening in their town. According to an article in today’s Globe, they’re right. Well, half-right.

It turns out that a man named Isaac Benitah owns rights to the name in Canada and is opening “Target” stores in Sudbury, Nanaimo and Surrey in the next year. The U.S.-based Target, which we’re all familiar with, has taken Benitah to court several times, challenging his right to the trademark. Until they win (the newest case begins today), don’t expect to see the cheapo chain north of the border.

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