What we found in Erin Karpluk’s bag on the set of Being Erica

What we found in Erin Karpluk’s bag on the set of Being Erica

Erin Karpluk’s purse (Image: David Pike)

There are certain things we always imagined Erica Strange’s purse would contain: wigs for time-travel sleuthing, an Epipen for her hazelnut allergy, a copy of The Secret of Now. But it turns out the real-life Erica, Erin Karpluk, sticks to the necessities. Check out what we found while rifling through her handbag.

Number 1The bag

Number 2Pen

Number 3Heart-shaped compact. “It was a gift when I was on the show Godiva’s in the mid-2000s.”

Number 4Trident Layers gum

Number 5Rescue Remedy relaxation spray

Number 6Keys (to a home, not the future)

Number 7Banana Boat sunscreen

Number 8Bumble and Bumble hairspray

Number 9Skoah hair serum

Number 10Skull-embossed makeup bag

Number 11Lipstick

Number 12Eye drops. “I just had eye surgery, so I need to carry these around all the time.”

Number 13Grey wallet with gold studs

Number 14Purse Saver, a hook to hang at restaurants and meetings

Number 15Oakley sunglasses

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