Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, episode 11: the show must go on (apparently)

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, episode 11: the show must go on (apparently)

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, Episode 11

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent continues this week, and after last week’s elimination shocker (i.e., there wasn’t one), we were looking forward to finally finding out who won. Matthew and Jenna get the boot in the first few minutes, which leaves Caylee and Marcia to be named, respectively, best hair and best makeup talent. At this point in the episode, we make a triumphant sigh of relief because we think we made it to the very end, despite some moments when we just wanted to stop watching altogether. But we’re wrong: Coco Rocha tells the final two that there’s yet another challenge. Another challenge? Why? Please, for the love of humanity, send them both to Paris and end this thing.

In the for real final challenge, Marcia and Caylee are asked to create two looks on identical twin models. They each start working on one twin, and then, 45 minutes in, they switch models and finish their competitor’s look (they will be judged on both looks). Marcia (our favourite) aims for a champagne-hued brow on her first model, and decides to create softness in the cheeks by keeping them light and rosy. Meanwhile, Caylee also goes for simplicity with her first do, creating a structured runway ponytail. Caution, however, is thrown to the wind when they switch models: Marcia goes for lavender to contrast with the simple ponytail and complement the model’s green eyes, while Caylee gives the champagne-browed model an odd-looking yet beautiful braided-hair noose. (It is really the only way to describe it.) What we learned this week: just when you think something is over, it’s not. That’s all.


• Matthew feels like he deserved to win. No one deserves to win a reality show. It isn’t a basic human right. We think he did a great job throughout the series, but come on, man.