New Toronto

This tranquil stretch of lakefront is one of New Toronto's primary draws (Image: Gary J. Wood)
Real Estate Guide: New Toronto
This tranquil stretch of lakefront is one of New Toronto's primary draws (Image: Gary J. Wood)
  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W06
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $408,830
  • detached houses: $528,300
  • semi-detached houses: $362,000
  • townhomes: $381,247
  • apartments: $326,355
  • neighbourhood map: see map

Residents bristle at media reports that frame the lakeside community as the west end’s answer to the Beaches. New Toronto is proud of its staunchly working-class history. You can still smell the Campbell’s Soup plant on a hot day, though many of the area’s factories started packing up in the 1950s. Despite its industrial roots, the neighbourhood boasts lakefront parks that are surprisingly tranquil and alive with wildlife. Colonel Samuel Smith Park’s nature trails attract flocks of birders and in winter, legions of skaters glide along the park’s new 250-metre ice trail. Humber College’s collection of late Victorian buildings is one of the loveliest pieces of academic real estate west of U of T. Gay couples and young professionals are moving in fast, drawn by the waterfront and relatively cheap prices. The Lake Shore Boulevard strip, known as Lakeshore Village, is still scruffy, but newer storefronts suggest an upswing.


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  • New Toronto
    110 Eleventh Street, 394-5350
  • Second Street Junior Middle School
    71 Second Street, 394-7640
  • Twentieth Street Junior School
    3190 Lake Shore Boulevard, 394-7810
  • Lakeshore Collegiate
    350 Kipling Avenue, 394-7650
  • Seventh Street Junior School
    101 Seventh Street, 394-7820
  • James S Bell Junior Middle School
    90 Thirty First Street, 394-7680
  • Father John Redmond
    28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, 393-5540
  • St. Teresa
    110 Tenth Street, 393-5266
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Bombay on the Lake
Stop in for hearty Indian food—the usual curries and chewy naan—served up by amiable, laid-back staff. 3007 Lake Shore Blvd. W., 416-850-3721.

Lakeshore Village Flowers
This nearly century-old flower shop does wedding bouquets and gift baskets. 2999 Lake Shore Blvd. W., 416-251-2287.