Humber Summit

A district of driveways and garage doors (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Real Estate Guide: Humber Summit
A district of driveways and garage doors (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W05
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $338,206
  • detached houses: $517,964
  • semi-detached houses: $364,567
  • townhomes: $233,318
  • apartments: $183,450
  • neighbourhood map: see map

Formerly a summer resort town known as Riverbank Park in the 1940s, Humber Summit is about as far west, and absolutely as far north as you can go and still be in the city. Dominated by light and heavy industrial properties, the residential area hews pretty closely to Islington, where there’s a 24-hour bus to keep residents connected. The streets are mostly short and curvy. Both the bungalows and two-storey back-splits have large frontages. Originally an Italian neighbourhood, trattorias along Finch now share the street with Indian restaurants, halal joints and spots serving pho. Rowntree Mills Park provides a great deal of well-tended green space, and Pine Ridge Cemetery is pleasant.


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  • Humber Summit
    2990 Islington Avenue, 395-5840
  • Humber Summit Middle School
    60 Pearldale Avenue, 395-2570
  • Gracedale Public School
    186 Gracedale Boulevard, 395-2480
  • Cathedral Christian Academy
    1111 Arrow Road, 241-1100
  • Nile Academy
    135 Plunkett Road, 285-0115
  • St. Roch
    174 Duncanwoods Drive, 393-5320
  • Transfiguration of Our Lord
    55 Ludstone Drive, 393-5276
  • Venerable John Merlini
    123 Whitfield Avenue, 393-5397
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Lee Valley Tools
The high-end, family-owned chain hardware store has become de rigueur for the gardening and home-improvement set. 5701 Steeles Ave. W., 416-746-0850.

Pho Dau Bo
One of many Vietnamese restaurants in the area, Pho Dau Bo tends to command the most loyal repeat customers. 2437 Finch Ave. W., 416-749-9943.