Newtonbrook East-Newtonbrook West

Detached homes and big yards abound in this are on Toronto's northern flank (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Real Estate Guide: Newtonbrook East-Newtonbrook West
Detached homes and big yards abound in this are on Toronto's northern flank (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: C07
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $610,461
  • detached houses: $960,612
  • semi-detached houses: $502,500
  • townhomes: $342,000
  • apartments: $351,946
  • neighbourhood map: see map

Drive the entire length of Bayview, from Rosedale to Steeles, to get a good glimpse of the city’s sprawling wealth. Even at its more modest northern tip, the avenue feels privileged—graced with lush green space, winding roads and a stunning ravine system suitable for walking, jogging and cycling. Tightly clustered ranches are plentiful, but west of the ravine (where the Don River originates), more opulent, desirable homes are nestled into the landscape along with newer, and larger, subdivisions. Aside from the natural beauty that bisects the area, the neighbourhood doesn’t have much binding it together. Shopping is sparse and amenities are few, but the schools are strong and the Cummer Park Community Centre has a swimming pool, an arena and a skate park (one of the very few that exists in the city).


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  • Fisherville Senior Public School
    425 Patricia Avenue, 395-3030
  • Year Round Alternative
    425 Patricia Avenue, 395-4824
  • Pleasant Public School
    288 Pleasant Avenue, 395-2770
  • R.J. Lang Elementary and Middle School
    227 Drewry Avenue, 395-2780
  • Drewry Secondary School
    70 Drewry Avenue, 395-3260
  • Newtonbrook Secondary School
    155 Hilda Avenue, 395-3280
  • Lillian Public School
    1059 Lillian Street, 395-2660
  • Cummer Valley Middle School
    70 Maxome Avenue, 395-2260
  • Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto
    252 Finch Avenue West, 494-7666
  • Willowdale Christian School
    60 Hilda Avenue, 222-1711
  • Toronto Academy of Math, Sciences, and Arts
    6349 Yonge Street, 647-349-4849
  • The Childrens of Iran (Farsi School)
    6305 Yonge Street, 221-2111
  • FutureSkills
    5635 Yonge Street, #204, 227-0811
  • Nobel Academy
    5635 Yonge Street, #210-211, 223-7778
  • Eitz Chaim School
    475 Patricia Avenue, 225-1187
  • Toronto Farsi School
    #202, 5635 Yonge Street, 850-0649
  • Integral High School
    323 Cummer Avenue, 497-3107
  • Canadian Nobel Academy
    6097 Yonge Street, 647-348-3530
  • Alpha Quality Education Inc.
    6120A Yonge Street, #200, 661-4446
  • Alborz School
    20 Tangreen Crt., 221-1443
  • Integral School
    323 Cummer AVenue, 497-3107
  • Sabouhi Academy of Art and Design Private High School
    6303 Yonge Street, 221-2111
  • St. Antoine Daniel
    160 Finch Avenue West, 393-5339
  • St. Paschal Baylon
    15 St. Paschal Crt., 393-5283
  • St. Agnes
    280 Otonabee Avenue, 393-5345
  • Brebeuf College
    211 Steeles Avenue East, 393-5508
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Centerpoint Mall
The Centrepoint, at Steeles and Yonge, features such mall stalwarts as the Bay and Canadian Tire (handy for home renos). 6464 Yonge St., 416-223-9560.

This sprawling hodgepodge of a restaurant—faux stained glass, tapestry-draped walls and picnic-style tables—is delightfully unpretentious, as is the homestyle Iranian fare.
6347 Yonge St., 416-225-2949.

Tov-Li Pizza and Falafel
The northern outpost of this kosher eatery offers good, cheap Middle Eastern fare.
5982 Bathurst St., 416-650-9800.

In an unusual pairing, an Italian and an Iranian chef work the kitchen here. The smart money goes east; the Iranian dishes on the menu (flatbreads, kebabs) are popular with the growing Persian population at Yonge and Finch. 6200 Yonge St., 416-223-7070.