August 2009 Contents

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Best of the City
Blowouts, bankruptcy consultants, butt-beautifying undies, divorce lawyers, tailors, tattoo artists, pawnshops, pet spas, plumbers, raccoon removers and tons more. Our deeply researched, highly discerning, entirely useful guide to all things excellent

When Girls Want to Be Boys
What’s causing the surge in children who want a sex change? They assume a new identity at school, take hormones to suppress puberty and dream about the day they can have radical surgery. One CAMH psychologist says he can stop the urge if he treats them early enough. His critics say the kids don’t need to be cured By Wendy Dennis

Cito’s Last Chance
The first time he managed the Jays, despite his two World Series wins, everyone said he was too quiet, not a leader, a dud. After a decade in exile, he’s back, and the team is hot again. Is Toronto finally ready to appreciate the most underrated guy in baseball? By Philip Marchand


Other People’s Money
It’s been a tough year for Gluskin Sheff, money managers to the rich and famous. Their clients lost millions in the meltdown. How Bay Street’s most exclusive investment firm is restoring the faith By Siri Agrell

We’re here. We’re Tamil. Get used to it
After six months of relentless protesting, Toronto Tamils have become a serious political force. How a 20-year-old kid from Scarborough helped mobilize a generation By Richard Poplak


City Slicker
Michael Bryant, the new, spotlight-loving CEO of Invest Toronto, wants to bring big bucks to the Big Smoke By Chris Selley

The Moment: Strung Out
Toronto guitar heroes go for the Guinness By Serena Trevis

Northern Exposure
Our map to celeb homes in Muskoka

Party Watch
The biggest bashes this month

The Temperature
Our Monthly Assessment of all things faddish and fleeting


The List
Ten things talk show two-timer Seamus O’Regan can’t live without By Amy Verner

Great Spaces
An off-the-grid, modular dream cottage in Haliburton By Andrea Carson

Happy Decampers
Notes on a recession-era boomer exodus By Bert Archer

The Chase: Business Class
A frequent flyer with just four days to house-hunt

An Artist’s Abode
Jack Bush, of Painters Eleven fame, slept here

Eating and Drinking

One family’s transformation from diehard downtowners to groundhog-slaying rednecks. A memoir By Brent Preston

Like everything ’80s that was loved and then loathed, chardonnay’s making a comeback By David Lawrason

Hot Spot
New barbecue snob spot Stockyards

Splendour in a Glass
Fierce and fizzy summer cocktails By Stéphanie Verge

This Month

The women dial up the drama at the Rogers cup • Contemplating the eerily ageless Bryan Adams • Gamers, Trekkies and gore devotees geek out at Fan Expo