Mr. Sub drug bust, Starbucks downsizes, Pizza Pizza goes west

Mr. Sub drug bust, Starbucks downsizes, Pizza Pizza goes west

The Bacon Explosion 

• Carb-loading may not be the only indulgence attracting Mr. Sub customers after dark. Police uncovered a marijuana stash worth roughly $37,000 at a Rexdale franchise that has, allegedly, been satisfying more than the munchies. [CTV]

• Many consider football to be the king of sports; for others, it’s barbecuing. The two reign together this weekend as the Bacon Explosion, a favourite of barbecue enthusiasts, is predicted to be the frontrunner at Superbowl parties. [New York Times]

• Less demand for fine dining means more demand for grub on the go. Case in point: Pizza Pizza’s westward expansion officially began this week with the opening of a franchise in Surrey, B.C. [Pizza Marketplace]

• In addition to Starbucks’ plan to close 100 lagging locations in the United States, the company has announced its discontinuation of warm breakfast sandwiches. Chief executive Howard Schultz claims the decision was made because “the scent of the warm sandwiches interferes with the coffee aroma in our stores.” [New York Times]

• Toronto’s own 65-year-old “Compost Man” slams the city’s green bin program while recycling 250 kilograms of food scraps. [Toronto Star]