Slideshow: Côte De Boeuf’s Game of Thrones-inspired dinner party

Slideshow: Côte De Boeuf’s Game of Thrones-inspired dinner party

(Photo: Jackie Pal) (Photo: Jackie Pal)

On Wednesday and Thursday, Ossington haute butcher Côte De Boeuf and The Kitchen Bell hosted A Feast For Kings, a Game Of Thrones-inspired supper (or, as the menu put it, “degustation”). Union chef Teo Paul (along with chefs Mark Sullivan and Chris Mathias) served up a multi-course banquet fit for the fictional king of an imagined medieval fantasy realm from a popular book series and television program, which by the way premieres on HBO on April 6. Dishes were accompanied by locally sourced ciders, wines, beers and even some mead. Yes, mead! Just like in Norse and Germanic myths! (Or, sure, Game of Thrones.)

Over the clinking of antique glassware, guests spoiled Game of Thrones plot points for one another and indulged in the sort of nerdy conversation you’d expect at this sort of thing: why the Green Lantern movie sucked, when the superhero drama Heroes fell off, the difference between a “flagon” and a “tankard”—that kind of stuff. A gentleman even played violin, or “fiddle”!

If you couldn’t pony up the $175 ticket price, or couldn’t e-mail an RSVP fast enough when we wrote about the event a few weeks ago, here’s some dripping-wet fantasy-gastronomy food porn.

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