Twelve of the city’s most terrific chocolate truffles

Twelve of the city’s most terrific chocolate truffles

We're totally cuckoo for this cocoa

With all due nostalgic respect to Pot of Gold, these locally made chocolates in bold, imaginative flavours are the epitome of holiday indulgence.

Delight (Image: Vicky Lam)

Delight’s white chocolate take on eggnog is just as boozy as the drink—it’s spiked with fair-trade dark rum—but with none of the eggy aftertaste. $2. 3040 Dundas St. W., 416-760-9995.

Coco Chocolates (Image: Vicky Lam)

West-end confectioner Deborah Torr of Coco Chocolates browns butter to a nutty, golden syrup, then stirs it into a dark chocolate ganache. $1.95. 365 Jane St., 647-351-4005.

Odile (Image: Vicky Lam)

Nearly every fruit and herb that goes into Odile Chatelain’s traditional French truffles is bought seasonally and candied in-house. For the Gentleman truffle, port and candied clementine are blended into a tangy ganache centre and enrobed in dark chocolate. $4.50 for two. 829 Dundas St. W., 416-538-1016.

Rococoa (Image: Vicky Lam)

Rococoa’s heady truffle is filled with reduced Guinness stirred with heavy cream, then goosed with milk chocolate and butter. $1.95. 3237 Yonge St., 416-829-9821.

Golden Apple Confectionary (Image: Vicky Lam)

For the candy cane truffle at Golden Apple Confectionery, crushed canes and peppermint oil are whipped into a white chocolate ganache centre, then encased in a dark chocolate shell. $1.75. 171 E. Liberty St., Unit 142, 416-531-4664.

Laura Slack (Image: Vicky Lam)

Filled with lightly salted, condensed apple jam and spiced with cinnamon, Laura Slack’s truffle take on a candy apple tastes almost like the real thing. $2.50. Maisonette, 12 Tank House Ln., 416-618-6041.

Chocolate by Wickerhead (Image: Vicky Lam)

At Chocolate by Wickerhead, Sharon Shoot mixes dark Tanzanian chocolate with dried organic lavender sourced from Durham, Ontario, rolls the results into amazing little morsels and dusts them in cocoa for a fruity, peppery truffle. $10.99 for 100 grams. 2375 Queen St. E., 647-344-9060.

Nadege (Image: Vicky Lam)

Nadège’s truffles are deceptively plush for their size; their paper-thin casings mean a higher ratio of ganache filling. For the chai version, tea leaves are steeped in heavy cream and Dominican-sourced Bahibe milk chocolate. $21.50 for a box of nine. Three locations in the GTA,

Brandon Olsen (Image: Vicky Lam)

Until his brick-and-mortar shop opens early next year, fans of Brandon Olsen’s confections can order boxes of his truffles online. The former chef de cuisine at Bar Isabel loves piercing flavours, like this creamy, hand-painted bonbon of dark chocolate ganache spiced with fennel seeds, rosewater and raspberry purée. $36 for a box of 18.

Stubbe Chocolates (Image: Vicky Lam)

The silky milk chocolate centre of Stubbe Chocolates’ gingerbread truffle is infused with coriander, cinnamon, cloves, anise and cardamom. $1.75. 653 Dupont St., 416-923-0956.

ChocoSol (Image: Vicky Lam)

ChocoSol’s goodies are sweetened with coconut sugar, maple syrup and other treats low on the glycemic index. Their Jaguar truffle wraps tiny bombes of creamed dates and cranberries in a hard shell of white and dark chocolate. $3.75. 1131 St. Clair Ave. W., 416-923-6675.

Soma (Image: Vicky Lam)

At Soma, creamed Mission fig pulp, ganache and a drizzling of balsamic vinegar are whirled together then dipped in single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate. $2. 443 King St. W., 416-599-7662; 32 Tank House Ln., 416-815-7662.